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Jonathan Livingston Rattlesnake

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Great googly moogly
Are you really that blind?
What will it take for you to see
They ain’t one of our kind?

Got the 22 homes
Got the law degree
And they dare to say
They’re just like you and me

Well I don’t trust one word that falls out of their mouths
I don’t trust any government
Not since New Orleans drowned.

Oh the Koch Brothers
Mr. Murdoch please
For you the only good man
Is one down on his knees

Take your billions of dollars
Keep ‘em all for yourself
It’s the land of opportunity
For you and no one else

I don’t trust one dollar you’ve got lying around
Not when your whore’s the government
That let New Orleans drown.

Oh my God
What the fuck have you done?
Shit if you ain’t the devil
You’re a Republican.

But I don’t trust no senator on either side of the aisle
I don’t trust any government that let New Orleans drown.