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September (Bonus Track)

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Produced by Joshua Path

Recorded and mixed by Dan Garza and Kiley DeJesus at DDG Recording

Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars
Chris Monaco - Bass
Michael Taklender - Drums


You live in this town
You made it my home, turned my life around
And I don’t even know if you feel the same way
But there’s something inside me growing stronger every day

You’re the one I’m diggin’, baby
You’re the one I’m working on
But only got until September
‘Til September, I’ll be gone

And I’ve known from the start
That someday time would tear us apart
Am I listening to reason? Am I just playing dumb?
By pretending next season might forget to come?


(Oh baby)
It’s all too much
(It’s all too much)
I need to slow down
(Take it easy)
Don’t wanna rush
(Baby how strong is your heart?)
Sometimes this life
(Just tell her so)
Just isn’t fair
(Nobody said it would be)
Should I keep it inside
(Just let it go)
Or do I need to share
Need to share…