1. Brenda Brenda
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Brenda Brenda

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Joshua Path – Vocals, Guitars
Curt Piar – Bass, Backing Vocals
Matt Geres - Violins
Shawn Davis – Drums

Music and lyrics by Joshua Path
©2015 Mad Mogi Music (BMI)
Produced by Joshua Path and Curt Piar
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Curt Piar at Proving Ground Studio


Brenda Brenda pull your head from the john
State of the Union’s off now, so we can move on
I got some cigarettes and a bottle of Jack
Let’s drink the night away and
Pray it never comes back.

You’re the one.

The devil is in the white house and God is on trial
Terrorist chatter creeps out whenever I smile
Brenda Brenda, you make it all go away
You make me think the world might
Come back to earth someday.

You’re the one.

One for my country
One for control
One for Georgie
One for the road.

You’re the one.