1. Dream Parade

From the album Concert In The Dark

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Dream Parade

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There’s Alan Ginsburg, he’s howling poems at the crowd
I think that’s Sid Vicious, didn’t think he would be allowed
There’s Salvador Dali, his moustache is melting upon the clouds

There’s Marlon Brando making out with Karen Carpenter over there
There’s Evel Kneivel, his motorcycle’s flying through the air
There’s Sharon Tate laughing, her and Che Guevara are playing Truth or Dare.

Call me crazy
I think I see you there, too.

Here comes Heath Ledger walking side by side with Johnny Cash
There’s Harry Houdini, looks like he’s trying to saw Sylvia Plath in half
There’s Johnny Carson, he’s trying to make Diane Arbus laugh

And there’s Jimi Hendrix, he’s waving his freak flag high
There’s Marilyn Monroe, I can see her waving bye-bye.

Call me crazy
I think I see you there, too.