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Falling Off The Earth

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Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars
Maureen Lovejoy - Vocals
Chris Monaco - Bass
Shawn Davis Drums
Bob Emmet - Piano

Music and lyrics by Joshua Path
©2015 Mad Mogi Music (BMI)
Produced by Joshua Path and Curt Piar
Tracked at JE Sound Productions by John Goodenough
Recorded and mixed at Proving Ground Studio by Curt Piar
Mastered at Capitol Records by Mark Chalecki


I’m messing with my phone jack, dressing up in all black
Going through my record rack to get my muse back
Sick of playing second fiddle to a middle-of-the-road band
That ain’t got no plan and only family for fans but
But what’cha gonna do when you’re through with
Trying to pursue who should be coming after you
She’s a femme fatale, Panama Canal
A hard-working gal who can’t be bothered with me now.

Packing up my suitcase, moving to a new place
Where they don’t know my face, such a disgrace
All this talent is wasting away
Every day I pray someday someone’ll take me away
But they never do and I guess it’s true
If you don’t look for something it’ll never come to you
So I’m heading out of town to find my long lost sound
I’m off the ground homeward bound never am I coming down.

I think I’m falling off the earth again
I forgot what my life is worth again.
I think I’m falling off the earth again
Don’t think I’m ever coming back again.

I remember way back when I was just ten I would find Zen
When I would pretend that I was an alien
I would run around and chase every face for a trace of my race
Just a lost space case I was
And still I try, I search the sky
For an ally who will take me bye-bye
From the femme fatales, Panama Canals
Them hard-working gals that can’t be bothered with me now.