1. When I
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When I

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Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars
Chris Monaco - Bass
Shawn Davis - Drums
Matt Geres - Violins

Music and lyrics by Joshua Path
©2015 Mad Mogi Music (BMI)
Produced by Joshua Path and Curt Piar
Tracked at DDG Recording by Dan Garza
Recorded and mixed at Proving Ground Studio by Curt Piar
Mastered at Capitol Records by Mark Chalecki


When I think of you, I do

Do I feel like I’m flying in carrion skies?
Do I feel like I’m dying in judy blue eyes?

When I think of you, I do

When I sing for you, I do
When i dream for you, i do

Do I feel like I’m bound for oceans of stars?
Do I feel like the sound of Nick Drake’s guitars?

When I think of you
I do.