From the album No Martyrs Allowed

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Sammy Salesman

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Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars
Lisa Tabbush - Vocals
Curt Piar - Guitar, bass
Sean Carter - Banjo
Scott Mundy - Drums, congas


He smokes unfiltered Camels
'Cause he's got an habitual cough
But he keeps it in when he's in public
'Cause he don't like to piss people off
He looks like a truck stop in Houston
And dresses like a Dairy Queen
He only speaks in contradictions
Nobody knows what he means

His name is Sammy Salesman
But all his friends call him The Pope
'Cause he won 20 million dollars
And gave it to the City of Hope
He murdered an 18-year-old
And put her body on nineteen floors
Her father wants his firstborn
But Sammy put blood on all the doors

What'cha gonna do when it all comes down again?
What'cha gonna do when the heart won't let you in?

Sammy woke up in Ohio
Where he worked some very odd jobs
Like giving head to lonely farmers
And looking for housewives to rob
It was there that he wrote his bible
And called the good book a fraud
The 700 Club calls him white trash
Oh but the locals call him god.

What’cha gonna do when it all comes down again?
What’cha gonna do when the heart won’t let you in?
Up on Capitol Hill
Where the moon only shines when it’s told
Where the wolves all look like lambs
Where the lives are bought and sold
Where subtlety is a weapon
Where the lives are bought and sold
Out little Sammy is playing the diva
And Sammy is stealing the show