No martyrs cover
No martyrs cover
  1. Ruins

From the album No Martyrs Allowed

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Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars, keys
Deena Kamm - Vocals
Curt Piar - Lead guitar, bass
Scott Mundy - Drums

Music and lyrics by Joshua Path
©2015 Mad Mogi Music (BMI)
Produced by Joshua Path and Curt Piar
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Curt Piar at Proving Ground Studio


You come, you go
Like a Las Vegas vacation
Like an Aztec civilization
You come, you go
Like an IRS investigation
Like Kevorkian’s prescription
You leave me...

You leave me in ruins
And that’s all there is left of me.

You come, you go
Like a pro-life demonstration
Like a Reagan inauguration
You come, you go
Like a prostitute without protection
Like a fucked-up therapy session
You leave me...


You come, you go
Just an innocent flirtation
And you leave me like a third-world nation.