1. Miles Davis

From the album No Martyrs Allowed

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Miles Davis

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Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars
Michael Martinsson - Lead guitar
Dan Haiste - Keys
Chris Monaco - Bass
Chris Olivas - Drums


The kids are blue, they feel like crap
We supersaturate ‘em in alternative and rap
All that’s said has all been said before
We spoke with Jimi and Kurt Cobain
They both got albums coming out in late spring
Too bad they won’t be joining the tour.

Ain’t there a martyr that wants to be a messiah and save us?
Let’s exploit Miles Davis.

His songs got rhythm, his songs got black
We all know how them rich white kids love that
He wore khakis, maybe we’ll start a trend
And get me Workin’ and Bitches Brew
Cut ‘em each down to a minute or two
Why should genius ever have to end?

When you’re dead and gone, you can’t complain about being famous
Let’s exploit Miles Davis.

We’ll dig up his bones and put ‘em up for show in Las Vegas
Let’s exploit Miles Davis.