From the album Headrush

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Celibate Tonight

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Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars
Bobby Martin - Sax
David Jenkins - Lead guitar
Matt Bissonette - Bass
Stephen Epstein - Drums
Deena Kamm - Backing Vocals
Maureen Lovejoy - Backing Vocals


I had a dream the moon got divided into two
When one half said that it was full, I knew it wasn’t true
One half of the ocean roared while the other remained calm
I woke up crying knowing it was me all along.

I’ve spent half my life on ecstasy but I still don’t feel alright
I’ve spent half my money on evangelists but I still ain’t seen the light
I used to think that I was able, now I feel like Cain
Oh the tragedy’s Shakespearean thus the stains remain.

Yes my hands are dirty, but yours are just the same
And until tomorrow I don’t want to feel again
So please don’t refuse me
Oh baby, can’t you choose me one more time…

Baby, you know I’m so lonely
When I turn it’s to you only
Baby, don’t be celibate tonight
Love is like a fallout shelter
Without you, I’ll die and wither
Baby, don’t be celibate tonight.

I’ve been trying to justify my pain but no one understands
They’d rather accept the rumor that I am a healthy man
But you can’t be sexy and drive a used car at the same time
So I’ll run with my tightest blue jeans on in the shelter of the half-moon light.

I know I’ve treated you like a prostitute
But I’ve never heard you complain
If it’s respect you need, then it’s yours indeed
Just keep my sanity sane
So please don’t refuse me
Oh baby, can’t you do me one more time…


Now when daylight comes, I’m dead and numb
You know that sunlight just stares me blind
But when the night reigns, so comes the pain
And you’re the only one who takes my mind.