1. Wendi

From the album Headrush

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Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars
Bobby Martin - Sax
Matt Bissonette - Bass
Stephen Epstein - Drums
Deena Kamm - Backing vocals
Maureen Lovejoy - Backing vocals


I know how old you are
My conscience tells me to stop
I think I’ve gone too far
I bought your Girl Scout cookies
And a new shade of blush
You have nothing to offer
So I can never get enough.

I tried to run away, but there’s a narrow bridge
I tried to feed the fire, but there’s nothing in the fridge
There’s a spider in my bathtub so I can’t get clean
The law tells me to hush so I can’t scream…

Wendi, you gotta help me
Wendi, you gotta save me
Wendi, please relieve me
Tell me that I’m not insane

For a while
We can walk in the sand
We can trace our lives
Like the lines in our hands
They say it ain’t good karma
Hanging around with you
But if my fate’s been decided
What else am I supposed to do?

I brought flowers to your mother, but she threw ‘em in the john
I got a letter from my shrink that says this can’t go on
My waist is the disciple of a lonely man
And we all know emotions lead to senseless commands.


Arrest me, for I am guilty of love
I am bittersweet with lust
I am tainted with obsession
While I was fantasizing in my room
You were still developing in your mother’s womb
If I should release you, Wendi
I doubt I could woo another.

‘Cause the women don’t care, they all love a good fight
And the networks don’t care, they all want the story rights
I got a shotgun that don’t care if you’re guilty or not
‘Cause there’s morals I learned which I simply forgot.