1. Do Me Wrong

From the album Headrush

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Do Me Wrong

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I don’t mean to boost your ego
But I think you should know where I’m coming from
I don’t mean to boost your ego
But I think that you should be my woman
I don’t mean to intimidate you
But it’s true I am a special person
I don’t mean to exercise you
But it’s true you could turn me on

I’ll be tame if you’re a shrew
Fill me up with attitude
Talk to me nice and rude
Put me baby in the mood

I went strolling through your waste can
I found your devotion and you didn’t know what to say
Well that’s good! It’s really good!
Let’s throw all our emotions away

You gotta shake me up without no pity
You gotta be so flirty dirty gritty
You’ve got a pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty
Whoa, I can’t go on, no I can’t go on
If you want to turn me on
Baby, you have got to do me wrong.

I don’t mean to take you higher
But I ain’t no liar all my bridges burned
I don’t mean to take you higher
But I could teach my desire if you want to learn
I don’t mean to sacrifice it
But my love well hell it just don’t go nowhere
So come on baby execute it
Use confuse abuse it I don’t care

You’re a siren I’m a sailor at sea
I’m obsessed with your melody
Your song possesses me
I’m your slave don’t set me free

I have worried my retractions
I have made new waves, but they wouldn’t fit the sand
So I’ll synthesize a new reaction
And we’ll fake our way to the Promised Land.