1. Plato's Cave

From the album Headrush

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Plato's Cave

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Johnny left the cave about an hour ago
An hour’s worth of facing something he does not know
Take a picture of your hometown, boy
Nothing but shadows on the wall
Crying, laughing, “You better run like hell,”…fall.

Maybe if I trash the car
Then run down to the ocean
Maybe then I could try to be…

Let’s you and I run down to the ocean
Let’s you and I embrace ‘til we’re one
Stare at the moon until we’re hypnotized
I’m out of Plato’s Cave and thank God I’m alive.

Johnny laughed when he couldn’t find the right sock
Johnny cried when he smashed the frame against the clock
Johnny dialed the dusty number and he paced anxiously
“Johnny’s sure acting strange. I wonder what’s on TV.”

Maybe if I walk backwards
I’ll get used to the pain
Just get me out of here…


Tonight a million people will watch the shadows dance
Tonight a million people will deny a wondrous chance
Tonight a million people will cling to what they already know
And tonight Johnny’s living ‘cause he learned to let go.

Maybe if you trash that restaurant that’s got you trapped
Baby, that’s your first step to being free…