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Girls & Dead People

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I got a little hole in my vein
A real monkey that I just can’t kick
I have it for breakfast lunch and dinner
I mix it up in my Nestle Quik
All the ghosts that stoned me like a bottle of whiskey
All the girls that wouldn’t drink from my glass
They rape me like a cigarette in my eye
And they leave me like the leftover ash.

They rule in my life, they reign in my soul
I beg ‘em for mercy, but they won’t let me go.

Every morning, every night
From sundown and sunlight
When I’m singing, when I scream
When I lay awake shaking from a godawful dream
There are girls and dead people
Girls and dead people.

I wake up every morning to a tortured life
For I gotta deal with them all day
I’ve tried shrinks and gypsies, drugs and Ouijas
But nothing can make them go away
I’ve been trying to lose all my boyish fears
Yeah, I’ve been trying to act like a man
But all them girls just mock my performance
And the dead want me to be one of them.

I told it on the mountain, but no one was there
I told it through the P.A., but no one cared.

Every poem, every song
When I’m old, when I’m young
When I’m wasted, when I’m numb
All alone with everyone
There are girls and dead people
Girls and dead people.

Paint a picture, here they come
Paint a picture, one by one
Reign in my life, rain in my soul
I beg ‘em for mercy but they won’t let me go.