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The Messiah Has Come

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There I was one night having chamomile tea on an herb biscuit. My solitary light bulb flickered with each car that rolled by. I was lonely, my congregation. I was so lonely, that I drove to Bethlehem where a twenty-two hour café stood open. There was no one inside but a nauseous chef and an Aphrodite with purple hair and plaid eyelids. It was then that I puckered my perfectly plump pair of lips to blow the sand off my feet and into her eyes. She looked at me, eyes watering from excitement and…sand. She said a single word and a solitary question: “Why?”

I said, “Girlfriend, every day for you is the backbeat of a broken dream, and I am the Sandman’s cousin, the one to wake you and heal your unattended wounds.”

She said, “Who are you, the messiah or something?”

And I said…

You know I’m the one
The messiah has come.

She started eating her cheeseburger as I ate her parsley. She never seemed to deny my company, although she never looked straight at me. So I put my finger in her Coke and it turned into a Pepsi. “My heart palpitates for you, my girl. How can you deny me?!”

She said, “I’m not denying anything. I’m just really hungry.”

I immediately stopped rhyming. “Woman! In your past life you were nothing but a ‘Lost Dog’ sign. You were in front of everyone’s face, but no one seemed to pay much attention to you. My sister, my daughter, my cousin, my lover, I am your vitamin C! I’m here to make you all better!”

“Bad metaphor,” said she.

“Don’t question,” said I. “Just swallow.”


Baby, take my hand, I’m no ordinary man
This aura glows just for you
Turning water into wine couldn’t be nearly as divine
As any little thing you do
Let me liberate your soul and exterminate control
Of the vibes ripping you in two
These feelings are manic, they feel messianic
Let me be messianic with you.


She said, “If you’re the messiah, how do I hang you up on my wall?”