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Come & Join The Living

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I lost my job, slept too long
So I called my woman, but she was gone
I tell ya time waits for no one
Not your brothers, sisters
Your daughters or sons
Even God is buried six miles in the sky
And if He ain’t immortal
Well then, why the hell should I

Well the time is right
Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let those bedbugs bite
Compromised your emotions for a lucid wave on the ocean
Slippin’, slidin’, away you fall
Prescriptions got you by the balls
So you just ain’t got enough to show you are someone.

What you need is to realize you’re dreaming
How can you see with all that sleep in your eyes?
What you need is to feel a real feeling
Something you’ll never find on Days of Our Lives.

Come and join the living, come and join the breathing
Come and see what life is all about
Come and feel the passion, undeniable attraction
Come and breathe the air in and let yourself come out.

Well you sit on your rock and you question question question question question question
No one’s got the answer, everyone’s a motherfucker
You can’t get no relief
Robert Fulghum just makes you cry, Shirley Maclaine makes it cool to die
You’d turn to religion, but you’re not even sure that you believe your belief.

What you need is a real vacation
There’s truth in a place that you’d never expect
What you need is that one revelation
That one inspiration that lets you connect.