1. Kama Sutra

From the album Headrush

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Kama Sutra

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She wants him.
Tonight, she wants him.
She’s put a gun to her head before
She’s seen the mess it makes
Still, she wants him.
She’s heard making love to him is like making love to Kama Sutra.

All the while, he stares out the window
Teaching the children songs with no words
He says, “Life is easier that way…”

“He’s crazy.”
She says, “Tonight, he’s crazy.
He’s ignored all my remarks just to go stroll in the dark
He’s always smoking his guitar.
Wanting him is like wanting Kama Sutra.”

All the while, he stares out the window
Somewhere in between hell and Sherman Way
“I’ll do anything except drown in the river…”
I won’t drown in the river.

I won’t drown in the river
If I should ever see your face once more
Like a sailor from the shore
I will set this ship to sea, let it float and be free
Oh, this cigarette lights the loneliest of nights
There’s a song I once sang you so long ago
I think you remember how the words go…

She wants it.
Tonight, she needs it.
After having a few drinks, she’s willing
To understand anyone or anything
Just ‘cause she needs it.
And she whispers in his ear
“If you make love to me tonight it will be like
Making love to Kama Sutra.”

All the while, he stares out the window
Knowing she could never understand
Only the night understands.
He opens the bottle and begins to pour…